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Attractions nearby

Musk ox

The Norwegian herd of musk ox on Dovrefjell consists of approximatly 300 animals (year 2012). The musk ox in normally about 2 meter long, but some of them strech all the way to 2,5 meters. Their shoulder height is normally about one meter, but the males can sometimes become up to 1,4 meters tall. A full grown musk ox can weigh up to 200kg, but some individuals can be over twice as heavy. These are very fast animals, with a top speed of almost 60 km per hour.

In the summer, the musk ox lives in wet areas, including in river valleys. In the wintertime they normally move higher up in the mountainst in order to avoid the deep snow. They are ruminants so in the winter they have to dig through the snow to reach the food. These animals are social beings and live in herds of 15 to 20 animals, but sometimes they can be over 100. In the winter time the herds consists of both females and males, as well as youngsters. But in the mating season, the males compete for dominance and an adult bull pushes the other adult males out of the herd. The herds are knows for moving in a defense formation; a round circle with the kids in the middle for when they feel threatened.
Females reach sexual maturity at the age of two and males at the age of five. The pregnancy lasts for 8 months, but in some cases also 9 months. Almost all pregnancies end with one single calf. The calf drinks milk from the mother the first year, but they can eat grass already one week after birth.

Snøhetta Viewpoint

Snøhetta Viewpoint overlooks the Snøhetta mountain from Tverrfjellet in Dovre municipality.
The building itself was designed by the architectual firm Snøhetta, and was opened in 2011. The viewpoint was built as a box of steel, with a big glass window against the Snøhetta mountains in north, and an organic wave-shaped wooden wall towards south. The building is open and available in the summer, and can be reached after a 20 minutes walk from the parking lot next to Tverrfjellet mountain. The 1,5 km long path is also available for wheelchairs. Along the path you will find several stone slabs telling you the history of Dovrefjell for the last 10 000 years. At the top you find Viewpoint Snøhetta. Here are the views to the Dovrefjell-Sunndalsfjella National Park and the abandoned Hjerkinn shooting range. During 2012, 15,000 people visited Viewpoint Snøhetta. The building has won severeal international awards, and was named ”Building of the Year in the World" in 2011.

Folldal Mines

Folldal Mines is an old mining community built up around the copper mine from 1748. The area consists of 70 buildings, mine passages, slag pits and tippers.   

Today, the area is an active museum with exhibitions, marked trails, national park center, café, accomodations and the main attraction which is the mine itself.

Folldal Mines is among the ten selected technical industrial monuments in Norway with special follow-up from the Directorate of Cultural Heritage.

- Trip within the mines – take the train to Worms hall.
- Museum
- National park center
- Exhibitions
- Cultural paths – gain insight into the social life of the work, learn more about the production of the mine. There are three different paths.
- Audioguide
- Shop to buy rocks.
- Rondane Geopark – Here you will find information and recommendations for exciting geological tours.

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