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Booking / Cancellation Policy Following the "General Package Travel Terms" of 2018:


  • I perceive myself able to participate on this trip, and I participate by free will.
  • I accept the risk of participating on a horseback riding tour arranged by Kvistli Islandshester.
  • I will wear a helmet at all times while sitting on the horse.
  • I know that smoking is not permitted while riding.
  • I will not be under the influence of alcohol or other illegal drugs.
  • I will make one of the guides aware of any injuries or diseases that may affect my ability to participate on this trip, and of any prescription drugs I take.
  • I am aware that Kvistli Islandshester is only responsible for accidents following mistakes made by their employees, or improper use of equipment facilitated by them.
  • I am responsible for accidents caused by carelessness on my behalf or failure to follow instructions.
  • I am responsible for any personal belongings that I bring on the trip.
  • I agree with the safety rules and regulations and will follow them accordingly.

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