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Theme Tours

Riding tours over several days with accommodation in the mountain
These tours are popular for those who like a bigger challenges.
You have to be an experienced rider to participate.
 It is important that you love outdoor activities and that you are used to being in activity.

The Icelandichorse is a rather small horse. We ride in rough and sometimes difficult terrain.
That’s why we have a maximum weight limit of 90kg. 

One should master sadeling your own horse and you must be able to mount your horse without any help. 
It is also nessesary to master r
iding trot and gallop.

Our Tour- menu has different tours with different concepts and there are variations in the length, difficulty and content of the tours.

We have several exciting topics for the tours, and each year we come up with new topics that will give you even more experiences.
The tours are also different in terms of comfort and the standard of overnight stays.
Every trip has its charm, be it to stay near the stars over 1000 m.h. in large tents with wood burning, or better accommodation in hotels. We are sure that we have a trip that suits you exactly!

We also often spend the night at cabins and settlers in the mountains.
In the summer halls there is a lively life in the summer, and we can experience horses, cows, sheep and goats on summer pastures in their proper element.

Join us for an active and exciting holiday.

Contact us by phone or email if you think this sounds exciting!

The adventure is waiting for you!

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Del denne siden med andre!

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